Baby Moto

Two Wheels to grow

Learn how fun and easy it is to ride a bicycle with the Baby Moto models. These safe, practical balance bikes help develop a sense of balance and gently accompany your child through the learning process.

Balance Bike Custom
Balance Bike Transformer
Balance Bike TrikeBike

The only Balance Bikes
that are 100% made in Italy

All our models are entirely produced in Italy, using artisan handwork and certified materials, to help children from 12 months to 5 years of age improve their coordination and sense of balance, boosting confidence in their own potential.

Discover the new Ducati Baby Moto

All the excellence of Ducati in two "collectible" Baby Moto bikes. Learn more about these new balance bikes and their unmistakable design, created for children who, like their fathers, want intense experiences as they explore nature by journeying along adventurous roads.

Wooden Bike